Year 4 Shape

Year 4 have recently done some work on coordinates, shape and translation.


Year 1 Number Work

It was great to see Year 1 working so hard on their number knowledge recently! Keep it up, Year 1!


Year 4 Addition

Year 4 have been working hard on their addition knowledge and skills. Take a look!


Brain Teasers

Here are a couple of brain teasers to keep your mind ticking over!


Yr 3 Multiplication

Some good multiplication in Year 3 today using practical resources to develop understanding of what is happening to the numbers.


Maths In Reception

Some great Maths in Reception today where they were talking about different 3D shapes. Excellent vocabulary development and some great analysis of properties!


Maths for Parents

Please take a few minutes and read this BBC news article from a couple of years ago. It has some great thoughts, ideas and information about how Maths is taught in schools.

Click here for article link.


Welcome to our Maths Blog!

Welcome to the Castel Primary School Maths blog. Here, you will find a wealth of information all about what we teach, how we teach and other resources to help you understand Maths at Castel!