Yr 6 Shape Work

Click here for a link to a video on this work.


Year 5 Graph Work

Year 5 worked really hard on some graph work this morning. They interpreted graphs and then created some of their own.


Data Handling

Year 6 gave recently done some work on interpreting graphs and charts.

They used Explain Everything to record their answers.


Hit the Button – Mental Skills

Try this game – Hit The Button – to practise your times tables and mental maths skills.



Tyler and William Problem Solving

Tyler and William in Year 5 worked well together to solve this challenging problem involving coins.
Great work!


Harry’s Maths

Harry in Year 1 has completed some excellent multiplication all by himself! Fantastic number skills, Harry!


Passport Testing

Great to see one of our Mathemagicians testing one of our other pupils on their Maths Passport targets.


Lunar Theme Park

Some pupils have been planning, designing and budgeting for an imaginary lunar theme park! Lots of maths involved to ensure the budget is kept to.


Year 6 Maths

Some great teamwork and problem solving related to fractions, decimals and percentages from Year 6 here…


Tests of Divisibility

We had a chat about tests of divisibility today. Here is a video that may help: