Maths Passports

The Maths Passports system is a strategy used for improving children’s mental maths skills. It was devised by Ray Maher, an independent Maths Consultant who has worked extensively with schools in Guernsey.

Each child (from Reception through to Year 6) has been allocated a passport with a series of targets set out in continents. These targets get progressively more challenging as children move through the school. The passports help track progression in basic number skills and will help your children develop instant recall skills in all the objectives. Passports are adapted to meet the individual needs of children, which will allow them to progress through the passports at their own pace. The aim is to complete all passports, at the latest, by the end of Year 6.

Pupils will be taught and have the opportunity to practise these objectives at a variety of times throughout a school week. This may be in mental/oral starters in Numeracy lessons, within a discrete Numeracy lesson or as some designated, independent study time with an iPad/laptop.

Assessment of the objectives will also be through a variety of methods. These may include a short, timed test from a teacher, verbal questioning from a teacher or observation of work produced within a lesson. The standard we expect to be able to tick/stamp an objective is that the pupil would be able to answer 10 questions in 30 seconds correctly.


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