Online Practice Tasks

Links To Activities for Objectives

Number Bonds and Times Tables: Hit The Button

Counting up to 5 and Counting up to 10: Counting With Lecky

Counting From 1-20: Number Balloons;  Jumping Chicks

One More/One Less Up To 20: Mucky Monster

Ordering Numbers: Number Sort

Ordering Numbers to 20: Caterpillar Ordering

Number Bonds To 10: Number BondsHit The Button

Number Bonds to 20: Bonds To 20Hit The Button

Doubling Numbers to 10: Bridge Doubling;

Counting In Steps of 2, 5 10 and 100: Whack A Mole; Caterpillar Fun

Partition 2-Digit Numbers: Partitioning

Add/Subtract 1/2 Digit Numbers: Cross The Swamp; Loop Cards;

Doubling 2-digit Numbers: Double The Number

Halving 2-digit Numbers: Halve The Number; Number Bond Pairs

Number Bonds To 50: Number Bond Pairs; Funky MummyHit The Button

Number Bonds To 100: Alien Shoot, Alien Attack

Times Tables Up To 10 x 10: Hit The Button, Space Shoot,

Times Tables Up To 12×12: Learn Your Tables; Monster Multiplication; Top MarksHit The Button, Space Shoot,       Race Car, Times Table Grid Challenge,

Division Facts: Division Divers; Division GamesHit The Button

Number Bonds To 1000: Making 1000;

Square Numbers: Number Cop; Square Numbers Game

Number Factors: XFactor 12; Factor Feeder

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