Problem Solving

Year 6 have made a start on some problem solving this morning. Some excellent strategies in action!



Maths Passport Information

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Kobi: Symmetry

Well done to Kobi in Year 2 who worked really hard to produce some independent work on symmetry.
Superb effort!



Year 6: Algebra

This morning, Year 6 did some AMAZING problem solving using algebra. They did so well and really persevered until they got it and understood the rules. Their mathematical understanding was excellent!


Angel’s Addition

Angel, in Year 4, has been working really hard on her addition skills. Here she is explaining one of her methods:

Angel’s Addition


Problem Solving

Some great application of knowledge and skills today with a variety of problems to be solved. Teamwork, collaboration and hard work all in abundance!



Mental Maths Skills

Kaylin and Elvie in Year 6 produced some great mental maths work today during a Countdown session. Here’s what they did!


Year 3 Problem Solving

There was some great problem solving going on in Year 3 this morning. The pupils were working collaboratively, sharing ideas and explaining things to each other. Some great mathematical thinking was occurring!


’24’ Game

This morning in Maths, we introduced the game ’24’ to Year 6. It is a mental calculation game with a very simple aim: to make 24 using the given 4 numbers! Each number may be used only once and you can use any operation.

It provides excellent practice for mental agility and speed of calculation. The competitive element was popular, too!

Assigned Pupils : 6C


Poppy’s Problem Solving

Poppy in Year 1 did some excellent problem solving this afternoon! She completed the task independently and logically and presented her work beautifully!
Well done, Poppy!